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Actually we should have written « Oskar » with a K, because the eponymous person is none other than Oskar Schlemmer, one of the Bauhaus founder member (Bauhaus was an architecture school wishing through teaching to reconcile Art and life).

Yet with his choreography Luc Petton invites us to a contemporary comparison. Inspired by the Schlemmer’s Wooden Stick Dance (1927). Petton’s creation explores every resource of the material, wooden sticks, and of the body dressed up with botanical extensions.

Long wooden sticks attached to each limb (hand, for-arm, arm) to which each movement, each angle of the articulations print an astonishing form in space. Dressed up like this, each gesture takes an increased meaning; nothing is banal in this charming mechanic where each gesture develops with space a complex dialog. A work anchored in the dance physicality, experiencing the ludic way of the body and imaginary metamorphoses, with a nice sense of humour.

The inventiveness of the choreographer Luc Petton has not limit: these sceno-costumes compose with grace and mischievousness a cadenced ballet where gigantic insects, martial arts fighters, helicopter… abstract geometric forms evolving in space. But maybe they are only different aspects of the same creature.

The formal and aesthetic research is often breath-taking. The music supports with efficacy the rhythm and the movement. It is not necessary to know all the art references to appreciate the dynamism and the creativity of this show."



Concept and choreography - Luc Petton
Artistic adviser - Marilén Iglésias Breuker
Scenography and costumes - Jean-Paul Céalis and Luc Petton
Lightning design - Sylvie Vautrin
Dancers -  Cyrille Bochew, Mélisande Carré-Angéli, Céline Coessens, Tuomas Lahti

Show time 40 mn