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“La Confidence des Oiseaux” is an unprecedented meeting between four dancers and thirty birds invited «live » on stage. Result of a long work led by the bird keepers, the show gathers jays, starlings, magpies and crows, dancing with dance interpreters in unique and spectacular performances each time. Through this ode to movement’s freedom and beauty, Luc Petton fulfills a strong gesture and places exchanges and relationship between man and nature at the heart of the creation.

“Over the seasons dedicated to this singular project, a notion that I would not have guessed at first, appears as a key word: Letting be. Let, not for give up, reject or even ignore, but truly letting be, restoring freedom, releasing, and renouncing to seize things or persons, renouncing to use them.
Letting be, it is although learning to turn the back to the multiple influences that assault us, in order to allow the hatching of another world, functioning on another mode: watch and love the persons, provoking them to become what they are.
Such is the way opened to us ; take another look on the world, surprise the creatures in their spouting, live another relation to the world.”

Luc Petton

Concept and choreographyLuc Petton
Artistic collaborationMarilén Iglesias-Breuker
Dancers - Marie-Laure Agrapart ou Marie Sinnaeve, Mélisande Carré-Angeli, Aurore Castan-Aïn, Tuomas Lahti
Musician-Composer - Xavier Rosselle
Bird keepers - Tristan Plot, Julien Durdilly
Birds - cockatiels, crow, jay, crimson rosellas and magpies
Scenography - Jean Paul Céalis
Costumes -  Raul Pajaro Gomez
Light creation and management -  Sylvie Vautrin
Stage management - Bruno Bernabé

Production - Company Le Guetteur
Coproduction - the Théâtre des Hivernales - the Faïencerie, the théâtre de Creil
With the help to residence of creation at the 3bisf, Lieu d'Arts Contemporains in Aix-en-Provence and the support of the ADAMI