Hexicosiedre flottant

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This title brings together two concepts, one is IKB, International Klein Blue invented by Yves Klein and the other is the japonese word Ikiba referring to a place where we wished to go when we have lost everything, something like a shelter to reach. 

Since his first dance creations, Luc Petton never ceased to explore the fragile instant where everything can change dramatically, the unstable balance of an ephemeral point of reference, the vision of the suspended fall, like out of time, the subtil game between willing and lettingbe, accepting with joy the accident factor. Even more in his last "dance and bird projects", he did practice the welcome of the hazard and the fleetingness, that resonate with some of the Yves Klein experiences. 

Statement of intent : the body ont the point 
By my initial practice of a martial art and then by the dance, i develop a sharp sens of the moment that i call forth in the experience of the hazard on stage, when the body is on the point. I have a special liking for these intense moments where we have to let thing happen and for these instants where the body leaves and free itself from gravity. This new pice will count four interpreters with skills surpassing the regular territory of a dancer, the fighting body, the body in tension/the body hanging between two axes/ the body dropped in fall. 
Calm and urgency, nothingness and fullfillness.  To the intense physic activity of the fight and of the ascent, as a full effort follows the brief instant of balance, time and movement suspended, every senses awakened, follow by the emptiness of  free fall and then by the absorbed shot violence of landing. I want to put the focus ont the fact that the public's sense of time varies according to body state by empathy with the action on stage modifying our perceptions. 


1 choreographer: Luc Petton
1 artistic collaborator: Marilén Iglesias-Breuker
1 "aerial" artistic consultant: « aérien » : Antoine Rigot
1 stage designer : Patrick Vindimian
2 contemporary dancer, 1 man, 1 women and 2 cicus artists (casting in in progress) 
1 composer: Xavier Rosselle
1 light designer: Sylvie Vautrin
1 costumes designer: Sophie Jeandot