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cAvAlle !

Competing, an Iberian stallion, three dancers and a crow perform in total freedom, writing in live a spontaneous choreography. The game run through differente states - lively, keen, even reared-up, peaceful. In this playful demonstration, it is hard to say who from the man or the animal leads the dance, because the creation falls under a dance made of listening, rythms, space and shared moments. The musical improvisation from the bass player highlights the opened characteristic of this game in constant production, punctuated by the arrival of a flying crow.

The created piece has the experience of the complicity that links men and animal and gives itself to the spectators gaze, far from the convention codes of the dance and equestrian art representation, showing an instant of playful complicity.

This singular proposition settles perfectly to patrimonial places (abbey, cloister) or to museums.


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