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Creation for two dancers about transcended disability

AlmA  is a dance creation about disability transcended in a choreography for two women, Annie Edwards, young dancer affected by dwarfism, met at the Place in London and Aurore Godfroy, dancer of the company Le Guetteur, who has participated with us to several birds-dance projects.

The central theme is the body «commited» to Dance and Joy. The joy which enhances our present to the world and increases our power to be, according to the spinozist concept.

When the body commits itself, differences disappears, and Life expresses itself.


The project is born from a meeting between Luc Petton and the novelist Frédérique Deghelt at the International Handicap Movie Festival where the company was invited to perform Oscar, a dance piece inspired by the wood harness costume invented by Oskar Schlemmer at Bauhaus.

Mother of a child “with difference” she has published a book, Etre Beau, in collaboration with the photographer Astrid Di Collalanza. This book is an eye toward handicap: what mirror these disabled bodies are presenting to us? What are their powers, physical or symbolic? A way to hand over them and also to give from them a different image.

This questioning is echoing the company commitment since 20 years towards disabled children at Soissons Hospital, where the company developped choreographics workshops based on the theme «how to give a spark of joy to a medicalized body ».

Disabled people are beings of exception. They are « exceptionnal ». Their differences could be seen as qualifying differences, and not dis-qualifying. This could be seen as an aperture for new meetings and for creation of a more livable worlds with all people that matter.

Before discovering Etre Beau publication, Luc Petton had never imagined commit himself artistically, on stage, in such a direction. He realized it was a way to bring this message toward public and to deliver a feeling which honours our differences.


Luc Petton couldn’t imagine better performers than Annie and Aurore.

Annie because of her vital and joyful energy and her super fited sense of dynamics ; Aurore not only because she is a very professionnal confirmed dancer but because she has a very friendly sense of partner listening. She also is able to let her being be inspired by partners as she did recently in a duet with a vultur and before with living swans on stage.

My idea is to come close to an "empathy without pathos" which sounds like an oximoron, a paradoxal injonction, a kind of "clair-obscur" in emotion. For that we may have to invent toning score.

In face of disabled people what touches him the most is the absence in their willing to show. Amazingly this makes them really visible and straightforward, only their being there.

On stage he wants to present such a quality of transparency when mouvement finds its motivation in what emanates from the performer’s body.

Some others themes are exiting for us also :

  • The between attraction space amongst dancers

  • Improbable twinning

  • Silence within movements expression

  • Naturals empathy

  • Jubilance



Stage & Choreographer - Luc Petton
Artistic advisor - Marilén Iglesias-Breuker
Dancers -  Annie Edwards, Aurore Godfroy
Costumes - Sophie Jeandot
Music - soundtrack
Light design - Marine Florès


In parallel with this duet Luc Petton is going to stage a composite work under the title Etre Beau with an actress saying some part of the book, some photo’s projections and some excerpts from AlmA and live music on stage.

First performance at Musée de l’Homme in Paris in june 2020.

a few words from Annie

‘different’ bodies are important and valuable need to be seen. I want to say that dance can be the place to nurture disabled people, if we allow it to be. I want to say that I am not an exception or a hero, there are many like me. I feel grateful and responsible that, as artists, we have the platform to change things.

a few words from Aurore

What I like the most when starting a new piece is the discovery of my new partners coming from differents backgrounds or even from differents cultures. That makes the encounter’s delight more considerable. For me Dance is the perfect place for real encounters. Dance energy is our language. It make togetherness possible.